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of happy relationships
AT WORK & at home
7 July 2018 | Saturday
14.00 – 17.30
Address: 91 rue de Lourmel,
75015 Paris
Is it possible?
  • to give a new start to your marriage / relationship, when it seems that love is gone or your partner is less sensitive and attentive?
  • to improve your relationship with your mother or other relatives even if your whole life you had problems with them?
  • to get to like a colleague who normally irritates you?
  • to make your boss appreciate your work and treat you as you deserve?
  • to have people around you be kinder, softer, more sincere & sympathetic?

YES, all this is possible - with the Diamond Cutter System you will fill your life with new colors.
The Diamond Cutter system is a system of tools that you can apply in your life to achieve success of any kind.
The main goal of the System is to help people around the world achieve success in every aspect of their lives: achieve financial prosperity; enjoy a warm and lasting personal relationship; be filled with energy; gain internal peace and become more goal-oriented; all in all, help change your family, your society, and your country.

This is a unique knowledge that:
- will change you, and will help to change your relatives and loved ones, your inner and outer social circles
- will change your reality
- will help you create your own happy world around you, only using your own energy and efforts
Master-series of trainings
In this master-series you will learn:
12 tools for creating perfect relationships
You will receive 12 effective tools and will learn how to apply them to achieve success in your professional and personal life. You will understand how to eliminate things and behavior that make your life unhappy
The root cause of success
You will get to understand real reasons for success: WHERE do money and happy relationships come from
Link between private relationships and work / business
You will see a clear link between actions and consequences in your personal relationships and at work/in business. You will learn how to use success in personal relationships to build success in your career or in business
Ways to achieve success both at work/in business & in personal life
Get an answer to a question of whether it is possible and how to achieve happiness in both professional and personal life at the same time - make your business/career constantly growing, and romantic relationship more exciting every year?

What is SUCCESS?
During this seminar, each participant will be able to make an individual plan for achieving her/his goal in business, work or personal life, and begin to perform it directly in class.

Within 30 days after each workshop of the master-series you can ask the questions that appeared to the teacher for online consultations.

Master-series consists of 3 practical classes, the first of which will be held on 07/07/2018.
Further trainings are planned in September and October 2018.

This seminar will be given in English and Russian languages.
Is it better to achieve success and fulfill all your desires, or to build a happy personal life? In this system we say that it is possible and necessary to be successful both in your personal and in your professional life.
Author of the Diamond Cutter System -
Geshe Michael Roach
http://www.geshemichaelroach.com/ ॰॰॰ Wikipedia
A world-famous lecturer, an author and a businessman Michael Roach spent more than 20 years in a Tibetan monastery studying ancient ideas on the functioning of the world, and then adapted them for us, modern people. Being a monk of Gelugpa, he was the first American to receive the Geshe degree in the Tibetan monastery of Sulfur May. The company Andin International, which he ran in the city of New York, started with a loan of 50 thousand dollars, and in 19 years was sold for 200,000 billion dollars. After this success, Geshe was often asked to speak and write about the story of his success - thus the book "The Diamond Cutter" (1999) was born. It was translated into more than 30 languages and became a global bestseller. In 2000-2003 Geshe Michael Roach was in a silent retreat. After the retreat, he was invited to give lectures and present his book, which gave him an idea to organize the Diamond Cutter Institute (DCI) and the Diamond Cutter System itself, which Michael Roach teaches all over the world. It is remarkable that during his time at the Andin diamond corporation Michael Roach was not applying new business strategies and techniques or any other knowledge except that he was taught at the monastery.
Lecturer - Inna Ivanina
Doctor, PhD, psychotherapist, leads a management unit in the pharmaceutical business, lives in Lyon, France

Inna encountered The Diamond Cutter System of Michael Roach several years ago. After applying knowledge gained from the System and communicating with successful followers, Inna was able to achieve visible results in her own life and was convinced of the effectiveness of the System. This leda beginning of her in-depth training: for several years now, Inna has been taking teacher courses at the Diamond Cutter Institute in Sedona, studying directly with Geshe Michael Roach. Nowadays, Inna gives lectures and seminars in different countries promoting this knowledge to others.
Inna Ivanina is a certified teacher of the Diamond Cutter Institute (DCI).
14.00 - 17.30 | 7 JULY 2018 | PARIS
Participate in the seminar
1 person ticket for a 3-hour seminar - 40€

PROMO | Buy two tickets and get a discount of 10€ for each ticket (= two tickets for 60)

VIP offer | Ticket GOLD 120€: includes access to the seminar + private session with a lecturer after the seminar (discussion, questions & answers, etc.)

All tickets are paid in cash at the venue.
However, you can reserve your ticket by calling us 0 659 86 18 33 (Tatiana)
or by sending an email to diamx.france@gmail.com
Email: diamx.france@gmail.com
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